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On-Stage MBS5000 Boom Arm

The MBS5000 is a professional articulating mic boom intended for broadcast and webcast applications.
Two pairs of springs provide just the right counterbalance for popular broadcast microphones or other
devices weighing up to 3.5 lbs. Designed for the studio environment, the MBS5000 allows for quiet, easy,
and repeatable positioning, even while on-air. Square-tubing construction ensures strength and a long
service life. A 10' XLR cable is pre-installed within the tubing for a clean look. A stem with standard
5/8-27 threading mates with all common mic clips and offers plenty of room for oversized shockmounts.
Additionally, the MBS5000 comes with two mounting options. One is a removable C-clamp capable of
grasping desktops and other surfaces up to 2" thick. The other is a screw-in flange mount for permanent
desktop or overhead installations.