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Black Lion PG2 Sequencer


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Key Features
  • 2775-Joule Rating
  • 8 Surge-Protected Rear Outlets
  • 2 Front Outlets
  • Noise Filtering on All Outlets
  • Ground, Clean Power, and Breaker LEDs
  • Protection On and Numerical Display LEDs
  • Front XLR Lamp Connection

Protect your home or professional audio equipment with the Black Lion Audio PG-1 mkII 10-Outlet Rackmount Power Conditioner.
It features a 2775-joule rating and has eight rear outlets split into pairs for analog audio components, high-current components,
and two pairs for digital audio components, plus two unswitched front outlets. The high-current outlets turn on last and turn off
first to help prevent the the pop that can occur when speakers and components are powered on at the same time.
The power conditioner is designed to eliminate high-frequency noise and features LED indicator lights on the front panel
to let you know the status of your power.