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Shure AD24DNP

Key Features
  • For Major Events, High-End Installations
  • 2 x Digital Audio Channels, 1 Rackspace
  • 166 MHz Ultrawide Tuning Range
  • Expandable to 120+ Channels
  • True Digital Diversity Reception
  • 4 x Ethernet/Dante Ports
  • XLR and AES3 Outputs
  • RF Cascade Ports
  • Secure AES-256 Encryption

Every feature has been stress-tested to enable seamless, uninterrupted audio in high-profile applications such as televised live performances, award shows and corporate events, the Broadway stage, secure government installations, and state-of-the-art meeting and training facilities.

The AD4D-NP operates in a single 166-MHz ultrawide bandwidth that encompasses the entire usable UHF range from 470 to 636 MHz. It offers low 2ms latency, XLR/AES3 + AES67/Dante outputs, and 256-bit encryption. The Dante Cue and Dante Browse features enable high-fidelity headphone monitoring from any connected Dante-enabled device.

In standard mode, Axient Digital supports over 120 simultaneous channels. For high channel counts, HD mode allows up to 47 active transmitters per 6 MHz TV channel. The receiver is compatible with AD1, ADX1, ADX1M, AD2, ADX2, and ADX2FD transmitters.

Unleash the Power of Axient Digital
Interference Detection and Avoidance
The Axient ecosystem uses multiple components that work together for advanced interference detection and avoidance. The AD4D receiver can detect RF interference when it occurs and get a new, clean frequency from the AXT600 Spectrum Manager (available separately). Using the AD610 ShowLink Access Point (available separately), the AD4D receiver and ADX transmitter execute a synchronized frequency change in a matter of milliseconds.

Remote Control for ADX transmitters
When it is difficult or impossible to access the transmitter, you can make instantaneous remote adjustments to your ADX transmitter settings (RF output, gain, mute, and more) via ShowLink.

Frequency Diversity Mode
In Frequency Diversity mode, two AD/ADX transmitters or a single ADX2FD transmitter can transmit two identical signals on two discreet frequencies. If the active signal degrades, the other takes over automatically, providing additional protection against dropouts. This mode uses both channels on the receiver.


Ultra-Compact ADX1M Micro Bodypack Transmitter
The ADX1M features a lightweight and ultra-compact design with an internal antenna. Comfortable to wear, it is exceptionally easy to place and conceal on talent.